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Easter Eggs 2002

is freeware!

Happy Easter!





Note for Sony Clie:


If you have hi-res enabled and power off your Clie during a game, when you switch it back on it may freeze, requiring a soft reset. Removing Easter Eggs from the Hi-Res support (e.g. using SwitchDash) will fix the problem.


I am looking into a permanent fix for this now.




Support for

COLOR and Greyscale

PalmOS 3.0

or above


Auto save/resume

volume high/low/silent



Easter Eggs 2002 is a puzzle game where you try to change all the eggs on screen to a single color (any color will do).  Each time you click on an egg, that egg changes to the next egg color  (you may play with 2 to 6 egg colors at once), the eggs above, below, and next to the egg you clicked on will also change color in the same way.


In expert mode, the screen "wraps around" so that when you click on an egg near the edge of the screen, an egg on the opposite side will change also.


All puzzles can be solved  - it's actually possible to solve them all in 20 taps or less.  Don't be surprised to find yourself taking longer than that to solve them, but don't worry - it's not how many taps it takes you that counts - the only goal is to solve it.


Once you understand how it works you should be able to solve a level one puzzle in a few minutes, the level 5 puzzle on expert mode should only be attempted while under the supervision of a highly trained team of psychologists, and even then, a helmet should be worn at all times to make sure your head doesn't explode.


I am currently attempting level 5 (non-expert), solving level 3 puzzles in a minute or two, level 4 in five minutes or less...


Gameplay Tips:

1) Try to get a section of the board all one color - then use that area to experiment

2) If you get stuck, just scramble the eggs a bit - tap away at random a half dozen times

3) Master level one before attempting to solve higher level puzzles

4) Look for familiar patterns to form - learn how to solve various patterns.

5) Work your way across the board, clicking on the eggs to the right or left of the ones you want to change

6) Use the corners and edges to your advantage (doesn't apply to Expert mode)



Here are some examples...


Three, two, one - its all over... 


Two clicks to victory, or a thousand - it all depends on you!