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Obtaining the tools of the trade


There are many environments that can be used to create palm programs. Choose the one that best applies to you from the list below.



Fastest, smallest, the biggest nightmare to work with. Assembler is best used inside C in snippets - writing your entire application in assembler should only be done by the most expert programmer, and in my opinion, only when absolutely necessary.



The language of choice for fast, small, standalone applications. C is capable of anything from the simplest database to the most complex arcade game.


Basic / Visual Basic:

Basic is only useful for applications where speed is not an issue.



Applications and simple games (such as card games) can be done with far less sweat and tears than with C.



I would only recommend this for those programmers that are already fluent in Java and have little or no skill with C, as the Palm environment is not fully supported by Java.


Commercial development packages: 

For those of you with little or no programming experience, or just to speed up development time, there are several packages available that allow you to create applications simply and quickly. These are mostly limited to databases, simple games, and utilities.