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For Palm and PocketPC

Digital sound for PocketPC!

Free trail downloads!

Palm zip (windows)

Palm sit (mac)

PocketPC 2002/2003




Trial is limited to

100,000 points,

you may play

as many times

as you like, and

it will never expire.


Use the palm's buttons to control the flippers and launch the ball


Datebook and Memopad for flippers


Phone and Todo to launch ball and nudge the table


Page Up/Down to adjust plunger strength



full version

only $4.95!


Support for

COLOR and Greyscale

PalmOS 3.0

or above


PocketPC 2002/2003


TuCows.com Top Pick

Top Pick


Game Features
Table nudge / Tilt
High Score Table
Autosave / Resume function
Volume High / Low / Silent
Various graphic and speed settings

Digital sound for PocketPC!  (digital sound will be ready for Palm OS5 in a few days!)

Version 1.58a (3/29/02)  - changed the Grey16 graphics back to the original for higher contrast.


Here's a quick tour around the table...

There are three sets of drop targets (red, blue, green) located around the table. Each has a arrowhead light which will indicate which set of drop targets to hit to advance the score multiplier.

Knocking down the drop targets will light the multiplier light display in the center of the table. The left and right drop targets will light the left and right lights (blue and green)

Remember, you must hit the targets with the arrowhead lights lit to advance the multiplier.

After knocking down the drop targets hit the round bull's-eye targets to reset them. The left target resets the red drops, the rear target resets the green, and the right target resets the blue.

The right target also features a strongman bell, the harder it is hit, the more points it gives - ring the bell to bring out the inchworm!

Hit the inchworm to reverse his direction - keep him out as long as you can, he's worth big points.  Each hit will light up a letter on the PINBALLZ light display - once all PINBALLZ lights are lit, the level lights (round and purple, to each side of the multiplier display) will light - these increase the kicker score to huge levels, and when all are lit, the bumper forest will appear - and will remain for the rest of the game!

The central bumpers feature two globes which will rise a bit each time they are hit until reaching the top and lighting. Hit them while lit to reset them (and get big points :)

Light up the 6 rollover lights (4 at the top of the table and one in each ball channel) to light the bumpers and extra ball light (between the flippers.) The bumpers score big while lit.

Knock town the red targets ten times (lights the red strip lights to the left and right of the table) for a nice addition to your score.

Looking for a huge score?  Go for the drop targets and increase the score multiplier. Meanwhile, raise the bumper forest by raising the two globes, then focus on lighting all the ball channel lights to light the extra ball light and increase the bumper forest value to 5,000 per hit.  Then focus on getting the worm and locking the bumper forest in place.




Here are all the scoring details...

All scores shown will be affected by the score multiplier (x2 - x5)




Bumper with Extra Ball lit 5,000
Worm (lights PINBALLZ) 10,000
Lighting entire PINBALLZ (lights purple lights) 10,000
Lighting entire PINBALLZ with all 6 purple lights lit 100,000
Triangle bumpers 100
Triangle bumpers with 2 purples lit 500
Triangle bumpers with 4 purples lit 1,000
Triangle bumpers with 6 purples lit (locks bumper forest) 1,500
Right and Left lower Ball Kicker channels 500
Drop Target 500
Cycle drop targets (raises score multiplier) 10,000
Cycle drop targets when multiplier is already 5 100,000
Red round target 100
Red round target (to reset the red drop targets) 1,000
Blue round target 100
Blue round target (to reset the blue drop targets) 1,000
Green round target 100
Green round target (to reset the green drop targets) 3,000
Light all 10 red strip lights (by cycling the red drops)  50,000
Lighting a rollover light 100
Light all rollover lights (gives extra ball) 5,000
Light all rollover lights when extra ball is already lit 10,000
Hoop target 1,000
Raise ball poles to top (raises bumper forest) 2,500
Hit the strongman bell softest 100
Hit the strongman bell hardest 800
Ring the strongman bell (brings worm) 2,000