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For Palm OS5 and PocketPC

Free trail downloads!

Palm zip (windows)

Palm sit (mac)

PocketPC 2002/2003




Only OS5 PDAs and PocketPC 2002/2003


Trial is limited to

to 20 runs and

200,000 points.



Use the palm's buttons to control the flippers and launch the ball


Datebook and Memopad for flippers


Phone and Todo to launch ball and nudge the table


Page Up/Down to adjust plunger strength



Pinballz2 features:

HiRes HiColor Graphics

Digital sound!

3 ball Multiball play

Mini breakout game

Animated characters

High Scores




Palm Game Software



full version

only $4.95!




Only OS5 PDAs and PocketPC 2002/2003





Detail of upper left table


Detail of upper right table (breakout game)



The instructions and scoring info below will be updated shortly with pictures


Pinballz2 Game Instructions:


Start the game:

Touch the *Game Over* message to start the game.

Plunger Strength:
Use the PageUp/PageDown buttons to adjust the plunger strength. You may also use your pen or finger to adjust the plunger on the screen.

Launch the ball:
Touch the *Launch* message, or press either the AddressBook or ToDo buttons to launch the ball.  If the launch message says "shoot again" it means that you are being given an extra ball (either due to the Extra Ball light, or if the ball was lost in the first 30 seconds of play)

Use the DateBook and MemoPad buttons to activate the left and right flippers.

Use the AddressBook and ToDo List buttons to give the table a nudge from the left or right side. This will give the ball a small push which can help you keep the ball from escaping down the center of the table, or put it into position to hit a desired target. You can nudge the ball several times in a row for more effect - but be careful! Too much nudging will cause the table to TILT. You are allowed approximately three nudges per minute without tilting.

Pause Game:
To pause the game simply tap any area of the screen during play. To resume play you may touch the *Game Paused* message on screen or press either flipper button.

The three timer bars in the upper left of the screen will show you how much time remains on the Skill Shot, 10x Score, and Animated Character targets.


Balls Remaining:

The number of balls remaining will be shown in the upper right of the screen.



Scoring information:

Table Functions:


Lower Table:

Doors to Upper Left and Right Tables - hit each of the key targets six times to light the yellow diamond lights and open the left and right doors that lead to the upper tables.  The left key target controls the door to the upper left table, the right target controls the door to the upper right table (the breakout table)

Multiplier 2x to 5x - Drop targets light Pinwheel - knock down all three sets of drop targets to light the pinwheel.  Once all 6 pinwheel lights are lit the multiplier will advance.

Roller Skating Turtle - Red drops light center blue diamonds - knock down all six red drop targets to light one of the blue diamond lights in the center of the table. Once all five lights are lit the Turtle will emerge.  Once he is out he will stay out until he makes it all the way from one side of the table to the other without being hit.  Hit turtle five times for bonus - Hitting him five times will give you a large bonus and make him disappear.

Skill Shot - Semicircle sequence activates skill shot - this will light one of the four blue arrows - hit the targets that the lit arrow points at to light the ten blue circle lights in front of the skill shot light.

10x Score - Skill shot activates 10x score - once all ten blue circle lights are lit the 10x score will be activated.

Animated Characters - Upper blue diamond targets activate animated characters - hit all three of the blue diamond targets on either the right or left to activate.


Face Lights - Hitting both animated characters advances face lights - each character is worth more points, make your way up to the treasure chest (worth a random number of points) - After the treasure chest appears the cycle starts over again with the first face light (even if you don't hit both chests)

MultiBall - Treasure chest lights Multi/Lock circle lights - light all 10 of the circle lights in front of the MultiBall tube to light the Ball Lock light, then hit the tube to trap a ball - once three balls are trapped hit it once more to activate MultiBall.  After you lose all three MultiBalls the original ball will be released from the tube and normal play will resume.

Extra Ball - Light all eight orange rollover targets (4 at the top of the upper left table, and 4 at the bottom of the lower table) to gain an Extra Ball.  When you lose the current ball the Extra Ball light will be extinguished and you will see the "shoot again" message to let you know you are getting your extra ball.


Upper Left Table:


Hitting the purple light targets in the upper left table will make the cars disappear - hit both of the left side ones to make one car disappear and both of the right side targets to make the other disappear.


Clearing the upper left table (all four rollovers at the top of the screen, and all six green drop targets) will exit the table and activate the treasure chests.  The door to the upper left table will close.


Upper Right Table:


Clear breakout table to light Pinballz2 lights.  When you clear the table it will light one of the letters, and will close the door to the breakout table if it is open (it will not cause you to exit the table).


If you miss the ball and it hits the bottom of the breakout table, the ball will exit - the door will be left open though so you can re-enter and continue trying to clear the table.


The three key targets at the top of the table will open and close the right and left exit doors.


Point Values:

(all scores will be affected by the current multiplier (from 2x to 5x) and also the 10x score light (for a maximum of 50x score!)

Triangle Kickers = 100
Bumpers = 250
Blue Target = 500
Purple Target = 1,000
Key Target = 1,000
Drop Target = 500
Drop Target Sequence = 2,000
Pinwheel Lit (already x5) = 50,000
Rollover Light = 500
Rollover Sequence (extra ball lit) = 50,000
Semicircle Rollover = 500
Semicircle Sequence = 5,000
Turtle = 10,000
Turtle Bonus = 50,000
Animated Character = 1,000
Treasure Chest = 1,000-20,000
Chest with BallLock Lit = 20,000
Chest with MultiBall Lit = 25,000
Multi/Lock Circle Light = 5,000
Ball Lock = 15,000
MultiBall Activated = 20,000
Breakout Bricks = 250
Pinballz2 Light = 25,000
Pinballz2 Sequence = 1,000,000