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300 Bowl

11/04/2003 by Stuart Wolstenholme using iPAQ H3970
Well what can I say, for such a small program the graphics, sound effects and realism is fantastic, just right for that quick practice whilst on the bus. One constructive criticism is there should be a bowler, other than that 500 stars out of 5!





300 Bowl

04-Nov-03 by Ken Young
Excellent game and fun. Great response from developer.


10-Sep-03 by Lynn Adams
Love this game, especially on my new Palm Zire71. The sound effects, graphics, etc. are great! And the developer responded to my question in 15 min. and it was 11PM!


11-Jun-03 by Nathan Parker
Excellent game. Loved the limited demo, consider a buy. Excellent graphics, smooth game play, lots of setting options.


08-Mar-03 by Ron G
Great game. Very addictive. I couldn't put it down. It's a very challenging game. I highly recommend it!

19-Jun-02 by Steven Ehrlick
I've had dozens of games on my Palms but this one is by far the best and most addictive. Beautiful graphically and realistic play. This game has raised the bar for PDA games.


02-May-02 by the editors of PalmGear.com

300 Bowl was selected for the "Gear's Choice" section!


03-Apr-02 by Mary Jo Sminkey
Awesome bowling game! I've tried a number of them and this is the best. Best graphics, best control of the ball, best play options, etc. The developer is really responsive and helped to get a problem I found corrected in 24 hours.


22-Mar-02 by Christine P.
Really nice game. I don't have a steady enough hand to get a strike every time.


15-Mar-02 by shaun mcgill
Love it!!!!!!! Extremely good game to play when you have a spare few minutes and you can come back to it and carry on anytime you like. Matches my current favourite, Billiards, for gameplay- well done indeed.


04-Mar-02 by James Bertola
Great piece of work. Runs nicely on my IIIc and m500. Color version is awesome. Well worth the $12.95.



30-Jul-03 by Gary Hall
Absolutely brilliant!!!! This game is the best I have ever played. Tip: Use light strokes to throw the dart. The only complaint I have is that I cannot put my Palm down, but I've got to sleep sometime ;)

30-May-01 by David Martinez
This game is awesome. I have found that playing Dartz with my friends can be just as intense as you were playing your partner in your favorite establishment. The added features of Computer Play, Animation Speed, and the High Scores are a nice enhancement to an already excellent simulation. I will be looking forward to whirling some Dartz at my favorite Democrat in the next release. Nevertheless, Dartz is a must have for those times when you want to play a game that is right on target.

30-May-01 by Erik Schiferli
Super game and great support from the maker. It now works on a Palm V with 2mb. Just a great program.

16-May-01 by Chris Haidze
Game is tons of fun. Even better with the animation speed setting recently added. Keep up the good work.

03-May-01 by Nate Heasley
Great game!! Graphics are fantastic, and the game play is challenging and fun. Add to that the options of throwing darts at our unduly elected president, and you have a real winner of a game! Nice work!

03-May-01 by Kevin Kozianowski
WOW! Great graphics, fun to play and a bit humorous! I had contacted the programmer on some issues and like lightning my concerns were answered. If you like darts you'll love this program, I do!



27-Aug-03 by Todd Wynia
Great sound and action. Very addictive. I have a Sony Clie PEG-NX70V/U. This game really takes advantage of the fast processor speed, display and sound capabilities of the Sony.


 06-Jun-03 by Gary Duke
Well, Jason has managed to solve the ball movement issues for the Tungsten C. This is a game with a lot of depth to it, and no one seems to want to push the pinball envelope for Palm as much as Jason.


11-Apr-03 by Shaun McGill
Brilliant! Probably the 'first' game to show off what can really be done under Palm OS5. Totally gripping and horribly addictive.

06-Mar-02 by Steve S
Excellent game! Makes me wish I had a color screen instead of greyscale! Very realistic ball movements and reactions.

10-Jan-02 by Rogerio from Brazil
Simply the best ever! I think the only 2 improvements that could be done are multiball, and more tables... ;)

07-Oct-01 by J.F.
Very well done game, author responds to questions and suggestions very fast. Quality software. Far better than any other pinball out on the palm. Only thing I'd want more is 16-bit color and multiball.

02-Oct-01 by Elaine Smothers
I know I've already reviewed this application...but that was 5 days & 5 upgrades ago. 5 *****'s for the developer's ongoing dedication to making this the ultimate pinball app for palm! Each upgrade adds more realistic ball movement, flipper action, and table animation. And this developer "wrote the book" on customer service. I asked for a "save game" feature in a future upgrade and found it waiting in my email less than 48 hrs later!!! Kudos to Jason!

29-Sep-01 by David Waldman
Amazing, beautiful graphics...nearly as addicting as Megasoft's Billiards. Buy it...now.

27-Sep-01 by Elaine Smothers
Have been a pinball "addict" for Pro Pinball's PC series for years and this is by far, the best pinball sim I've found for the palm. I've tried the past few upgrades & registered it with upgrade 1.54. The ball physics are MUCH improved, the game plays faster, and the flippers are more responsive. The main reason I didn't give it 5 stars (yet) is that the developer has made so much progress in the last few upgrades, I know it's just going to get better & better!

27-Sep-01 by ray smth
5 *'s ! :> The new bumper forest is great! The only thing the game's missing now is a multi-ball. Maybe have that trigger off of getting all 3 hoop targets in order?

30-Mar-01 by Sascha Warnemuende
This is my 2. review of this game. In version 1.27 the AI is much stronger than in 1.25 (nevertheless I'm looking further to the next Versions with even harder opponents.). With some little changes it would be really perfect: 1. The ability to choose from different game levels, 2. The game should save the Prefs (Animation and Sound)! and 3. One or two more kind of ships. But nevertheless: This Version (1.27) is really great and the author is still working on improvements. So I think, $9,95 are a very good investment for your Palm . . .

29-Mar-01 by Yeshiah Zalman
I really enjoyed this one. I look forward to seeing new details like more customization. Reminds me of Star Fleet Battles. I'll be watching this development!

28-Mar-01 by Neil Shapiro
I downloaded this yesterday when they only had a B&W version. Since I bought my Palm IIIc I have tried to only purchase games that support color. This was going to be one of my very few exceptions -- and when I came back today to buy it, now they have color! Yay!!!! The game is very fluid, fast and strategic. Well worth the fee.

Electronic Gaming Monthly

June, 2003 page 51

Electronic Gaming Monthly picked 300 Bowl as

one of the "Top Five Palm Games"









April 16, 2003 by SJMC

We get our fair share of sites and software application press releases daily and we also get thrown free software and that's great and we would like to say thank you. However there is one piece of software that stands out in a crowd that we played with this week and that's Pinballz2 from the excellent Jason Goldman. I will not bore you with the fundamentals on what the game is about its clearly obvious but its very very very addictive. So addictive that all the trial games we have been playing we never got any work done in my office, and that, believe me is no exaggeration. Pinballz2 supports all things high res including OS5 obviously. It's very 3D, and the sound and graphics are brilliant. The game play is addictive and the display as I say is outstanding. If I had to give this stars out of five, well in my book it would receive an eight. I like Pinballz 2 as you gather and there is an older version if you have obviously an older Palm. Well done Jason you certainly have done the Palm community proud. - SJMC 16/4 16:42pm

Clie Planet


Quality: 100
Stability: 100
Originality: 100
Looks: 100
Value: 100
TOTAL: 100
(the first perfect score from Clie Connections!)

April 15, 2003 by David Eaton

Would I recommend this game to friends? Definitely! It has some of the best graphics, sound, and game play of any program that I have played on my Clie.

click here to read the complete review (web page)


PDA Buyer's Guide homePDA Buyers Guide



   Sound (waiting for Sony digital sound - just a few weeks away.)

    Fun Meter (desires a pre OS5 version - so do we!  We will be attempting it soon.)


April 14, 2003 by JadeDragon

If you have a Palm OS 5 PDA and have been looking for a pinball game, look no further. Good table design and balanced game play guarantee some long playing hours. The well placed items, separate tables and tough sequences will ensure a high replay value.

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Fun Meter


May 14, 2002 by JadeDragon

The ball movements are smooth and realistic with very responsive control. The speed of the game is just right so that you can enjoy the game without having to worry about dying all the time.

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Computer Gaming World

February, 2003 page 62

Computer Gaming World selected Pinballz and 300 Bowl as

2 of the "5 games you've gotta get" for PalmOS!







1/3/2003 - Chosen second best arcade game of the year!


"The 3D effects in the pinball sim are amazing. The ball physics are extremely realistic, and the game runs extremely smooth."

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300 Bowl

"300 Bowl is the most realistic sports game I have yet to play. It combines real Bowling, with exciting arcade style game play. Its graphics will blow you away, while the features and options leave you with constant competition."

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"this game is an excellent choice for Darts fans, but will easily entertain any gamer"

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Handango HomeHandango

George S from Pacific Northwest USA, November 14, 2002

The best pinball game on a palm platform.  If you like arcade games, this pinball game is the best one out there. The preferences you can select, make this game work great on older grey scale models and even the newer color ones. It's very fun to play...


Lila from San Jose, California, March 18, 2002

Just like playing a regular pinball machine, only sitting down!

Chris2 from the Netherlands, October 10, 2001
Great game.  It's exciting, it's fast, it's real pinball. Well worth to pay for it.



Elaine H., October 21, 2002

Best Dart Game Ever!  Description: After I saw this on my husband's PDA and tried it I had to put it on mine. Now I've used my PDA (Palm IIIc) more than I ever have before. I can't put the game down. High quality software and good friendly support.


Shawn Rubenfeld from New York, August 19, 2002

Great Fun.

A great game to play for a minute or an hour. the graphics are as good as it gets. And support is Fantastic. Jason Goldman strikes again!


300 Bowl  
Dave H. from Jacksonville, FL, October 4, 2002

Great Game!  Easy to play, nice graphics, very hard to put down. I also recommend Dartz from the same author. Good support.


bowlerinmn@cs.com from Rochester, Minnesota, July 1, 2002

Greatest Bowling game on the Palm interface.

This is the greatest bowling game ever made for the Palm operating system. The graphics are awesome and the pin and ball reactions are realistic. I highly recommend this game!


A.J. - May 28, 2002

Absolutely amazing action.

I was looking for their pinball game when 300 bowl caught my eye. Great graphics. Smooth action and great color. By far the best game on my Clie.


A reviewer from Millbrook NY, March 13, 2002

Sweet game - Hard to put it down.
Every time I play this game I have trouble stopping. Once you realize the trick shots you can pull off, you are hooked. I love the look and feel of this game.


Zyggo from Pittsburgh, PA, March 7, 2002

Best Palm Graphics.

This game is the greatest thing I've seen on my palm. Astounding.


james from SLC, UT, March 5, 2002

Great Software.

This is a fine piece of work. Works great on the Palm IIIc and m500. Graphics are awesome in color.



300 Bowl
July 2nd 2002

We made CNet's list of the

"Top 10 must-have Palm OS games!"


Palm Addict Website



June 1st, 2002 by Sammual (webmaster)

When I started playing this game I thought, well I have seen Pinball games in the past they have been quite good all ran well on the Palm, what will this have that will be any different. How wrong I was. This is the real article. It runs well, smooth and effective. I was addicted after ten minutes. It takes little time to get to grips with. It even had me tilting my Palm to take effect of the rolling ball, which by the way the game includes a tilting option. I could and have played this game for hours and is genuinely a brilliant and addictive game brought to you by Jason Goldman, who has a wide selection of excellent games and has got creating games down to an art.


May 18, 2002 by Sammual (webmaster)

I'm not normally a big game fan, but I downloaded the trial of Darts on Thursday and an hour later I had purchased the registration code. That's how much I enjoyed playing it. In fact I must have played this game for a good few hours. It's a classic game with many variations of how to play.

click here to read the complete review (about halfway down the web page)


HexCon -

"Alien war fleets, strategy, hexagonal shapes. These are a few of my favorite things. And they all come together in the exciting Palm OS game, HexCon"

click here to read the complete review (web page)


Dartz - 5 cows (top rating)

"out-of-this-world graphics."

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Pinballz - 4 cows - and a top pick! 

"contains all of the bells and whistles of real pinball machines."

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Dartz and Pinballz

Pinballz - "really knocked my socks off!"

Dartz - "Highly recommended."

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